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Identity management (IdM) is the task of controlling information about users on computers. Such information includes information that authenticates the identity of a user, and information that describes information and actions they are authorized to access and/or perform. It also includes the management of descriptive information about the user and how and by whom that information can be accessed and modified. Managed entities typically include users, hardware and network resources and even applications.


Solution for securing applications, data, Web services, and cloud-based services. Built on a uniquely integrated modern architecture, Access Management software gives customers the flexibility to deploy a comprehensive solution delivering authentication, single sign-on, authorization, federation, mobile and social sign-on, identity propagation, and risk-based authentication and authorization at the network perimeter.


IMGuru helps you to define the architecture based on our experiences and product best practices. In security area is very important to identify the environment weakness and understand the risk. Based on this can be defined architecture eliminating the risks, increasing user experience and productivity.


With the explosive growth in networked communications and ever increasing collaboration and mobile computing needs, today’s enterprises struggle to determine which users have access to what resources and what they are doing with that access. A comprehensive awareness of access and enforcing governance controls is essential to reduce the risk that an employee, contractor, or malicious third party with inappropriately assigned access will take advantage of that access. It is also critical to comply with regulations that mandate access controls; without it companies have no way to provide meaningful evidence to auditors that explains how and why access was assigned within their environment.

Mobile Security

With the proliferation of mobile devices there is a strong need for enterprises to secure corporate resources from these less secure access points. While encouraging BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, many organizations still benefit from issuing corporate owned devices for their employees, enabling personal or corporate only use. Mobile Security solution address a mix of both BYOD and corporate owned models without compromising security, user experience or privacy.

Why Choose IMGuru

Company focused on all phases of IAM projects. With experience team, we can provide you the word class security consulting in Identity, Access, Certification and Mobile Security.

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Company history

Company was establish in 2015. We have seen that on the market was not enoughs quality consulting services. We quickly get our first customer. Project was related to migration from Oracle Access Management 10g to Oracle Access Manager 11g. Second project was mostly about couching on Oracle Identity Management. Both two project where from financial sector.
In this year the main focus is on Oracle Identity Manager, we already have signed some contracts in this area.

Words About Us

Our Services

We provide consulting services in the Identity and Access Manager area. Our customers are from Telecommunication and Financial sector. We are able to deliver the project from analyze phase to production. Our experienced team make your the difference in IaM project.

Our Mission

The mission of IMGuru is to deliver IaM project to our customer in time and budget.

Our Visions

We intend to provide our customers IaM project on time and budget. The IMGuru will inspire its employees to be the best they can be. We will engage in sustainable practices and anticipate the needs of our customers.